Aren't Firefighters cool?

    Yesterday, I was playing a videogame in my room when I heard people screaming. I went out and saw my neighbors' house was on fire! In less than 10 minutes the firemen arrived and fought against the fire for one hour until they made it. Wow! The are realy brave! One of the entered the house and saved the Johnson's dog that was trapped in the fire.

    I made a decision: I want to be a fireman when I grow up. I'll be strong and brave enough to fight against the fire, to save people's lives and property. I can't wait! I can already see it in the newspaper. "Brave fireman rescues a family of four". Mom will be really proud.

Task 8

Mark true (T) or false (F). When it's false, you'll have to justify your answer orally:

The boy thinks the firemen are brave.

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban dari soal di atas adalah "T".


Pada soal ini kita diminta untuk menandai pernyataan yang diberikan dengan "T" jika benar dan "F" jika salah. Pernyataan di atas dapat diartikan "Anak laki-laki itu berpikir bahwa pemadam kebakaran itu pemberani." Pernyataan ini benar dan dapat ditemukan pada kalimat ke 5 paragraf 1.

Jadi jawaban dari soal di atas adalah "T".


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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