Read the text below. Answer the following question...

Read the text below. Answer the following questions.

My Cute Fan

    I have a handy portable fan. It is cute because it is looks like a Doraemon doll, my favourite cartoon character from Japan. The fan is blue, the same colour as Doraemon. My Doraemon fan has smiling eyes, a red nose, three pairs of whiskers, and a big smile with a red bow tie on his neck. On his body, there is a picture of a blue flower and some blue writing. It says "fan", referring to its function. To use it as a fan, I pull the cap, which is the head of Doraemon . There is an on-off button at the back of Doraemon. To turn on the fan, I slide it to the on position. The wind it makes is strong so I like to use it on a hot day. The power of the fan comes from the battery. When the battery is running out, I just need to recharge it. This is very convenient.

What is the text about?

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Teks di atas merupakan descriptive text mengenai kipas portabel miliki penulis

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "The text is about the description of the writer's portable fan."undefined 




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