Read the speech below and correct the underlined e...

Read the speech below and correct the underlined errors. For each question, write the correct word the space provided.

    Good moming to the principal, Puan Aishah Omar, teachers and fellow students. I am glad that everyone is present to participate in this programme (0) who will run for the entire week. As you know, the programme is aimed at (1) get you mentally and emotionally prepared to face examinations. You will also be given tips on answering exam questions for each subject. I hope that none of you will miss (2) their motivational talks for the next few days.

    I (3) should like to give you some useful study tips. By now, you would have covered all your reading topics. During the exam week, you should no longer be reading (4) a textbook. Read notes that your teachers (5) has given or notes you have made. You should also be studying the diagrams available.

    For multiple-choice questions, use the elimination process. First, carefully go (6) round the answers before ticking off the unlikely answers. This will help you arrive at the correct answer.

    You should also get enough sleep. Do not burn the midnight oil. If you don't sleep well, you won't be able to think properly. It is advisable not to eat heavy meals too. (7) It will make you feel sleepy, thus affecting your concentration.

     Finally, don't listen to negative comments about the exam. Do not allow the fear of exams to influence your mind (8) but you may panic. Always keep your wits about you and stay positive.

    These tips will definitely help you in your exam preparation. For the following sessions, each subject teacher will be giving you tips on answering examination questions.

Thank you.


Pembahasan no 0.

Kata who dalam kalimat "I am glad that everyone is present to participate in this programme (0) who will run for the entire week." adalah salah. Soal meminta kita untuk membenarkannya.

Kalimat di atas merupakan kalimat yang mengandung adjective clause. Dalam adjective clause, kita menggunakan relative/adjective pronoun seperti which untuk kata benda, who untuk kata benda (orang), when untuk keterangan waktu, where untuk keterangan tempat

Adjective pronoun yang seharusnya digunakan dalam kalimat di atas adalah which karena kata sebelumnya (this programme) merupakan kata benda abstrak atau abstract noun.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah which.




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