Orchid is one of the most beautiful ... on earth. ...

Orchid is one of the most beautiful ... on earth. Its trunk is thick and budding. The leaves are long, stiff and thick. The colour of this plant can be ... by using crossing method. It can be white, purple, yellow or others. People like to use orchid as a decorative plant.Orchid usually grows...on a tree but it is not a parasite.It can only produce flowers not fruit.

  1. well

  2. slowly

  3. fast

  4. hard


Kata well atau “dengan baik” adalah kata yang tepat karena adanya petunjuk kata but “tetapi” dan parasite “parasit”. Jawaban B salah karena kata tersebut bermakna “dengan lambat”. Jawaban C salah karena maknanya adalah”cepat” dan jawaban D salah karena artinya adalah “keras”.




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