One summer day he (2) ____ very ill, so ill, in fa...

    One summer day he (2) ____ very ill, so ill, in fact, that he sent for his sister in-law and her son. They both came and did all they could to bring comfort during his last hours. While Takahama fell asleep, they (3) ____ a large white butterfly flew into the room and rested on the old man's pillow. The young man tried to drive it away with a fan: but it came back three times, as if it was very loath to leave the sufferer.

    At last, Takahama's nephew chased it out into the garden, through the gate, into the cemetery beyond, where it lingered over a woman's tomb, and then mysteriously (4) ____. On examining the tomb, the young man (5) ____ the name "Akiko" written upon it, together with a description narrating how Akiko died when she was eighteen. Though the tomb was covered with moss and must have been erected fifty years previously, the boy saw that it was (6) ____ with flowers, and that the little water tank had been recently filled.

    When the young man (7) ____ to the house he found that Takahama had passed away, and he returned to his mother and told her what he had seen in the cemetery.

    "Akiko?" (8) ____ his mother. "When your uncle was young he was (9) ____ to Akiko. She died shortly before her wedding day, When Akiko left this world your uncle resolved never to marry, and to live ever near her grave. For all these years he has remained faithful to his vow, and kept in his heart all the sweet memories of his one and only love. Every day, Takahama went to the cemetery, whether the air was fragrant with summer breeze or thick with falling snow. Every day he went to her grave and prayed for her happiness, swept the tomb and set flowers there. When Takahama was dying, and he could no longer perform his loving task, Akiko came for him. That white (10) ____ was her sweet and loving soul.


Pembahasan nomor 5.

Kita diminta untuk mengisi bagian rumpang pada teks di atas dengan kata-kata yang disediakan di dalam kotak. Kalimat bernomor (5) yaitu "On examining the tomb, the young man ____ the name "Akiko" written upon it, ...." artinya adalah "Saat mencermati batu nisan tersebut, pemuda tersebut ____ nama "Akiko" tertulis di atasnya".

Berikut ini terjemahan dari kata-kata di dalam kotak tersebut:

Dari terjemahan kalimat dan masing-masing kata di dalam kotak di atas, maka kata yang paling tepat untuk mengisi kalimat pada soal ini adalah "menemukan (found)".

Jadi jawaban untuk kalimat nomor 5 adalah "On examining the tomb, the young man 'found' the name "Akiko" written upon it."




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