Jl. Kebon Kopi No 17, Jambi July 6th, 2013 ...

Jl. Kebon Kopi No 17, Jambi

July 6th, 2013


Dear Emy,

     My family and I went on trip to Solo. We went on Monday by car and stayed at my grandparents' house.

     On Tuesday we went to Tawangmangu. We enjoyed the scenic view of its waterfall and had lunch there. They served traditional cuisine like wedang ronde, tempe bacem, fried fish, and fried chicken. After that, we continued our journey to Taman Jurug.

     The next day we went to Kasunanan Palace. We saw a lot of historical heritages in the palace. After that, we went shopping to Klewer market and Solo Grand Mall. I bought some souvenirs for my cousins. In the evening, we went sightseeing the town.

     On Thursday morning, we said goodbye to our grandparents and went home. I really enjoyed my holiday. It was fun. Do come over and have a look sometime.




Where did Lia go on Wednesday?

  1. Taman Jurug

  2. Tawangmangu

  3. Grandparents' house

  4. Kasunanan Palace


Pada hari Rabu, Lia pergi ke Kasunanan Palace seperti yang ada pada kalimat pertama paragraf ketiga. The next day we went to Kasunanan Palace (Keesokan harinya kami pergi ke Istana Kasunanan), maka jawaban D adalah jawaban yan tepat.




Jl. Dr. Saharjo No.161, Manggarai Selatan, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12860

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