Complete the text!     I have a pet. It is a dog...

Complete the text!

    I have a pet. It is a dog and I (1) ____ it Snowy. Snowy is a Chinese breed. It is (2) ____, fluffy, and cute. It has (3) ____ white fur. When I cuddle it, the fur feels (4) ____. Snowy does not like bones. Every day it eats soft (5) ____ like steamed rice, fish, or bread. When I am at school, Snowy plays with my cat. They get along well and never fight, maybe because Snowy does not (6) ____ a lot. It treats the other animals in our house gently, and it never (7) ____ shoes.

    We always (8) ____ time together at home. We do many activities; playing balls, hide and seek, or racing in the backyard. In the afternoon, I usually (9) ____ her for a walk. People love to see Snowy. Snowy is really a sweet and (10) ____ pet.


Di soal sebelumnya, kata "call", "small", "thick", "soft", "food", "bark", dan "bites" sudah digunakan untuk mengisi bagian rumpang (1) sampai (7).

Kata yang tepat melengkapi bagian rumpang (8) adalah "spend" sehingga kalimatnya menjadi "We always spend time together at home" yang berarti "Kami selalu menghabiskan waktu bersama di rumah".

Jadi, jawaban bagian rumpang (8) adalah "spend".




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