Complete the following text with the correct forms...

Complete the following text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

    Born in Semarang on February 29, 1936, Nurhayati Sri Hardini Siti Nukatin, affectionately known as NH Dini, had been interested in writing since her elementary school days. She often [1. pour] ____ her heart's contents into her school textbooks.

    Her mother, Kusaminah, [2. be] ____ the person who [3. introduce] ____ NH Dini to the world outside of school. Every night, she [4. tell] ____ her stories and [5. read] ____ from Javanese magazines such as Panji Wulung and Penyebar Semangat. Kusaminah also [6. introduce] ____ her daughter to tembang (Javanese songs) and the alphabet.

    Dini's father, Saljowidjojo [7. pass away] ____ when she was still at junior high school. The loss of her father [8. make] ____ her a loner who [9. learn] ____ to quietly express her feelings by writing. In 1953, Dini's short stories [10. begin] ____ to be published in various magazines like Mimbar Indonesia, Siasat, and Kisah.

    Dini [11. receive] ____ numerous accolades for her writing. Her short story, "Sarang lkan di Teluk Jakarta, " [12. win] ____  the nationwide French-language short story competition in Indonesia in 1988. A year later she [13. receive] ____ a literary award from the Education and Culture Ministry. In 1991, Dini was awarded the Upapradana Charter from the Province of Central Java.

    Following her 1984 separation from her husband Yves Coffin, whom she had married in Kobe, Japan in 1960, Dini [14. return] ____ to Indonesia, [15. reclaim] ____ her Indonesian citizenship and [16. reside] ____ in Kampung Sekayu, Semarang, where she [17. build] ____ Pondok Baca NH Dini (NH Dini's Reading Hut).

    At the time of her death she was living in an old-age home called Panti Wredha Langen Wedharsih in Ungaran, Semarang Regency. Dini still actively [18. participate] ____ in literary events, academic activities, thesis-guiding, and speaking in seminars until her final days.

    NH Dini [19. pass away] ____ on December 4, 2018 following a car crash. She [20. be] ____ 82 years old. The literary icon was survived by her two children, Marie-Claire Lintang and Pierre Louis Padang (a famous animator).

Adopted from: (July 25, 2019)


Pada teks biografi, jenis tense yang digunakan adalah Simple Past Tense. Oleh karena itu, pada bagian rumpang kesepuluh, kata begin disini akan berubah menjadi began.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah began.




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