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Read the following text caefully , then idendify the main idea of each paragraph ! (paragraph 1,2,3 ) A wide variety of emergencies may cause an evacuation. Emergency evacuation is the urgent immediate egress or escape of people away from an area that contains an imminent threat, an on going threat, or a hazzard to lives or property. Most evacuations are caused by natural disasters. Many people stay behind because they think that their homes are safe enough to withstand a natural disaster, but threre are other factors to consider than whether or not their home is strong enough. Homes may be resistant of the natural disaster, but they can be vulnerable to more than just winds. If the damage around them is severe enough, they could be left without adequate supplies to get them through the devastation that follows. Even if their home remains intact, the loss of power and clean water can create a whole new set of problems. This situation makes them more severe. That why government suggest that evacuation is the solution A common concern people give for staying behind is the fear of loss or damage to their property through looting if no one is around. For those who are unable to leave, it is important to follow all the necessary safety procedures for staying behind.





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