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Arti kata insinuasi dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) adalah [n] tuduhan tersembunyi, tidak terang-terangan, atau tidak langsung; sindiran

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"What do you think about the location of our new restaurant?" "Excellent, .... in the centre of the town:' A. Which location is strategical B. Locating it strategically c. It is strategically located D. It strategical ly is located E. The strategical location



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Despite criticisms from political opponents, the new president contin ues his .... abroad to appeal to foreign countries to invest in Indonesia. A. To travel D. Be travelling B. Travelled E. To be travelled C. Travelling



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While bullying has always been a problem encountered during child hood and adolescene, we all know it is on the rise. When a child is intentionally and repeatedly mean to another child, the cycle begins. Bullying occurs on the playg rounds, at lunch in the cafetaria, in locker rooms, even over the phone and now that so many children have access to the latest technology, the problem has become even more prevalent. Enter the newest room-cyber bullying whereby children and teens deliberately use dugital media to disseminate false, embarassing, or just plain mean messages or pictures about one person to others. Cyberbullying can occur via text, email, Face book, Twitter, or other media outlets. The American Academy of Pediatrics class cyberbullying "the most common online risk for all teen. Studies have shown that between 25 percent to 45 percent of teens report being bullied online. Many kids report such treatment having occurred more than once. Cyberbullying is affecting all ages, as even yong children often have access to technology and the internet. Children of all ages need to understand that the internet is not a "safe" place, and that it is a public forum. Even if you delete a message or photo, it actually continues to exist in cyberspace. Also, many teens mistakenly think they will not "get caught" if they bully someone online, or that such behavior is "not that big a deal. All pa rents need to discuss internet safety and the problem of cyberbullying with their children. This is especially important for tweens and teens, as they spend much of their time online. Just as kids must learn and practice good manners in public, they also need to mind their manners online. If a child would not say something to another young person's face, then the same dig should not be emailed or texted. It is really as simple as that. This is what I call the "front door rule". Tell your child that if he/she writes an email or text, or posts something derogatory about another person on Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram (or other sites, to think before they push "send': If they would not want to post the information on their front door for family members and all the neighbours to see, they should stop, think and change-or forget about the message. It could hurt someone more than they realize and could also be forwarded on to hundreds, thousands, even millions of others. 28. Which of the following best describes the topic of the text? A. Limiting children to the access of the latest technology. B. Informing the younger generation about online intimidation C. Being aware of cyberbullying as the most common crime nowadays D. Understanding the disadvantages of using the internet as a public forum. E. Needing to learn good manners in public and online during child hood



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Everyone like to group things. Language students group words as verbs, nouns and so on; collection of words are classified as phrases, or clauses, or sentences, and these again are reclassified according to their function. In the same way, botanists classify plants as algae, or fungi, or gym nosperms, etc. Zoologists classify animals as vertebrates and invertebrates. The vertebrates can be further classified as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, etc. Classification enables us to keep hold of more information and, if it is based on the right data, enables us to understand better the ideas we are studying. Chemists are no exception. The chemical classification of materials, if it is based on a good system, should enable us to understand better the many substances which exist in our world. What is to be the basis of our classification? Perhaps the most obvious one is appearance. Materials could be classified as solid, liquid or gas with some mixed types as , for example, mud being solid/liquid material and steam a liquid/gas material. Appearance could enable us to subdivide our main classification groups a little further; the solid may be green, or black, powdery or crystalline; the liquid may be colored, oily, thick, or free flowing; the gas may be colored. However, we soon realize that many probably quite different materials have the same appearance. Both air and the deadly carbon-monoxide gas, are colorless, odorless gases, but we would not like to group them as the same thing. Many different liquids are colorless, odorless gases, but we would not like to group them as the same thing. Many different liquids are colorless, water-like materials. 52. How does the author organize the ideas? A. Putting the main idea with examples B. Presenting causes followed by effects C. Interpreting different ways of classifying D. Presenting the strenghts of the main idea E. Exposing supporting details chronologically



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17. This institution for the handicapped __ by the Minister of Social Affairs in 1 950. A. Was founded B. Was to found C. Be founded D. Has been founding E. Was being founded



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