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28 November 2021 03:38 the bus stop when I.. the speeding car slam into the lampt post



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People who drink two or more sweetened soft drinks a week have much hig her risk of pancreatic cancer, an unusual but .... (42) ... . cancer. People who drink mostly fruit juice ... (43) .... sodas did not have the same risk. Sugar may be to .... (44).... but people who drink sweetened sodas regularly have other poor health habits. The high levels of sugar in soft drinks may be increasing the level of insulin in the body, which we think .... (45) .... to pancreatic cancer cell growth. Insulin which helps the body .... (46) .... sugar is made in the pancreas. 46. A. digest B. metabolize c. stimulate D. produce E. apply



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Green plants use light to transform carbon dioxide, absorbed from the atmosphere, and water into organic com pounds, with oxygen as a by-product. The process is called photosynthesis, and it enables forests like Ulu Masen, Aceh Jaya, to play a critical role in regulating our climate. Forests store an estimated 300 billion tons of carbon, or the equivalent of 40 times the world's total annual greenhouse-gas emmision--­emission that cause global warming. Destroy the trees and you release that carbon into the atmosphere, putting the great challenge of our age--- averting catastrophic climate change--­beyond reach. Forest destruction accounts for 15% of global emmisions by human activity, far out ranking the total from vehicles and aircraft combined. Forests are disappearing so fast in Indonesia that, incredibly, this developing country ranks third in emmisions behind industrial giants China and the U.S. Since 1 950, estimated Greenpeace, more than 1 82 million acres (740,000 sq km) of Indonesian forests, the equivalent of more than 95 UluMasens, have been destroyed or degraded. The good news is that protecting forests "is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to take a big bite out of the apple when it comes to emmisions;' says Greenpeace spokesman Daniel Kessler. Ulu masen will be one of the first forests to be protected under a pioneering U.N. program called REDO-Reducing Emmisions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries--- that offers a powerful financial incentive to keep forests intact. 47. The author's view regarding reducing greenhouse-gas emission is that .... A. awareness raising is necessary B. massive funding is unavoidable C. keeping forests green is a key D. fauna conservation is critical. E. deforestation is vital



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Small genetic d ifferences make one person different from a nother. Now medical resea rchers have a new map to help them find these . ... (77) . . .. Th is possible beca use some time ago more than two hundred scienties from sixnation .... (78) .. . . the Hap Map. The name comes from the word haplotype. A haplotype is a g roup of d ifferences that a re .... (79) .... to come close together in a block. These blocks .... (80) .. .. to pass from parent to child . The Hap Map scientists hope to identify up to six million DNA differences .... (8 1) ..... they finish . The scientists say the findings may lead to . ... (82) .... genes that ca u se common diseases like diabetes and heart disease . .... (83) .... diseases to genes could lead to new treatments . .... (84) .... people will be able to know if they have an increased risk of a disease beca useof their genes. 83. A. linking B. finding C. curing D. diag nosing E. knowing



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50. Having switched off the lights, ...... . A. It was the door he locked B. The door was locked C. This locked the door D. The door was locked behind him E. He locked the door



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8. Roni shouted as soon as he smelt something ..... There was a leakage of gas container. A. Burnt B. Burning C. Had burnt D. Was burnt E. Was burning



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