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25 November 2021 11:41

buatlah kalimat aktif simple present dari kata mangga



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"It was a long and tiring flight from london:' "Well, let me show you to your room then; you ....... by now:' A. Can be exhausted B. Must be exhausted C. Would be exhausted D. Could have been exhausted E. Might have been exhausted



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Since Mario is a presenter, he is used to .... in front of the spectators. A. Speak C. Speaking B. Speaks D. Spoke



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Sometimes experience in other countries can help people to understand their own identity better. Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1 869 at Portandar in Western India. After studying in India, he dreamt of going to England to study. He was told that his Hindu religion did not a l low voyages abroad. However Gandhi was very determined and he finally left for England in 1887. At first he tried to learn to behave like an English gentleman, but he soon learnt that it was better to be himself. He studied law in London, qualifying in 1 89 1 . He also learnt about other religions. He returned home in India and worked as a lawyer for two years. After some problems, he was offered a job in South Africa. Here experienced racism as a member of the India community. He decided to fight for the right of Indians using "passive resistance': He had th ree main beliefs, namely no-violence, religious tolerance, and truth. When he finally returned to India in 1915, he became a great political leader. During the fight for independence he was often put in prison, but his beliefs never changed. Gandhi had studied in Britain, so he understood the British better than they undestood him. Gandhi's leadership led to independence, but, on Independence Day, 15 August 1947, Gandhi refused to celebrate. He was in favour of Hindu Muslim unity but Muslim and Hindus could not agree, so a separate muslim state was formed in Pakistan. In 1948, Gandhi started fasting to death as a protest against fighting between India and Pakistan. He was assassinated by a hindu fanatic on 301h January 1948. India and Pakistan are still fighting in Kashmir today. The fight for independence was a difficult one, but not as difficult as the non-violence, religious, tolerance, and truth. The word non-violence in "He had three main beliefs, non-violence, religious tolerance, and truth can best replaced by .... A. Favorable conducts B. Peaceful actions C. Political spirits D. Religious prejudices E. Passive behaviors



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None of the beauty contestants __ to wear bikini provided by the committee. A. Refuses B. Are refusing C. To refuse D. Refuse E. They refuse



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In a unique study, researchers at Land University in Sweden have mapped the origins of migratory bird. They used the results to investigate and discover major differences in the immune systems of sedentary and migratory birds. The researchers conclude that migratory species benefit from leaving tropical areas when it is time to rise their young - as moving away from disease in the tropics enables them to survive with a less costly immune system. Analysing the geneoalogy of over 1 ,300 song bird species, passerines, enabled the researchers to establish that both sedentary birds, which do not leave nothern Europe in the winter, and migratory bird, which breed in Europe but spend the winter close to the equator, originate from Africa. The researchers then went on to study the immune system in three different groups: sedentary birds in tropical Africa, European sedentary birds, and migratory bird. Their findings show that African sedentary birds have a more varied and extensive immune system than that of both European sedentary birds and migratory birds. Evolution has quite simply ensured that bird specues migrating to Europe were equipped with a much less variable immune system, as Europe has far fewer diseaes that the tropics. The African sedentary species probably need a more advanced immune system to deal with the richer flore of pathogens to which they are exposed. What really surprised the researchers was that the immune system of migratory birds showed similarity low variation to that of European sedentary birds. After all, migratory birds do not only need to resist diseases in Europe, but alo during their migration and in the tropic. To explain the surprising result, the researchers propose the idea that the costs associated with a strong and complex immune system could be much higher than anyone previously thought. Examples of these costs could be autoimmunity and other immune system diseases such as chronic imflammation. Despite the migratory birds having to deal with pathogens both in Europe and tropical Africa, they have thus lost much of the variation and complexity in their immune system compared to their African ancestors. According to the researchers, this indicates that deal ing with pathogens is the most difficult for the birds the first time they are exposed to them. For migratory birds, this happens in Europe where they rise their young and there are not as many different pathogens. One of the researchers explained that when the migratory birds bred, they had moved away from many diseases and therefore did not need an immune system that was equally varied. Another dvantage was that the risk of damage caused by the immune system dropped considerably if the immune system was less complex. All vertebrates, including human beings, have an immune system built up in a similar way to that of birds. The Lund biologists therefore believe that their findings could also be significant in a broader perspective. Adapted from https//www .sciencedaily .com/releases/20 1 8/04/1 8041 01 03507 .htm It is implied in paragraph two that (A) migratory birds tend to stay longer near the equator. (B) European and African sedentary birds are of the same species. (C) European sedentary birds return to Africa to raise their young. (D) European sedentary birds fly over the equator. (E) migratory birds live near the equator before they move and breed.



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