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3. Hendra: “Kami akan melakukan penelitian selama beberapa hari. Maukah kamu bergabung dengan kami?” Farhan : “….” A. saya yakin B. Tidak ada keraguan C. Saya yakin D. Saya tidak tahu tentang itu e. Saya tidak bisa mengatakan itu dengan pasti



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1. The school ____ (start) at 7 o'clock.\



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Fill in the sentences with the correct words. I am Daisy 4) Julia is my ____.



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Hi, my name’s Aldo. I love football, I am a great fan of AC Milan. I have also been interested in cars since I was a child. I’m crazy about driving and I also enjoy fixing cars. When I was ten, I had many toy cars. I would play with them, repair the ones my friends broke. I also used to help my dad fix his car. So, eventually I decided to become a mechanic and open up my own shop. My parents are happy with my choice, too. They think it’s important that I pursue a carrier that I like. I have a bright career now and I really enjoy it. I’m planning to get married soon. My girlfriend is also interested in cars. Who knows, maybe we can run the car shop together with our kids in the future. What would be the best “title” for this paragraph? A) Aldo’s career choice B) Cars in our life C) Aldo and AC Milan D) Aldo and his friends



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Erick : Jon, do you know that Axel is in hospital?” Joni : “No, I dont know about that. What happened? Erick : “He had an accident when he walked to school” Joni : “I’m sorry to hear that” The underlined sentence express …



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Complete the following conversation Ririn : Hi, Tuti. Is Nina inviting you to her birthday party tonight? Tuti : Hi, Rin. Yes she is. Ririn : Are you going there? Tuti : Sure. I am going to her party. Ririn : Me too, allright, ............ Tuti : See you What is the best expression to complete the conversation? a. Okay b. Thank you c. See you soon d. Nice to see you



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