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30 November 2021 02:33

…announcing this week that it would grant exemptions to travel restrictions.” (paragraph 4) The word ‘it’ in the text refers to… *



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........ meet anneke and apologize to her, as you have hurt her feelings a. i think you have misjudged b. we believe that this c. it is occasionally argued that turning on d. we doubt that the principal e. from my point of view, you should f. we totally agree that smoking g. i strongly disagree h. i don't know what to say i. personally i think they sign j. i would like to point out that underaged children k. father doesn't agree if we



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17. Kirei : Look, I have some apples. Let's eat them all. Alvaro : Wow, great. How ...apples do you have? Kirei : Ihave five apples. A. Much B. Many C. Long D. Far



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Read the text and answer the questions. A green earth or a dry desert? There may still be time to choose. For million of years, the tropical rain forests of -South East Asia, South America, and Africa have been the earth's natural chemical laboratories, botanic gardens and zoos. Today we are destroying them at such a rate that within 35 years only fragments will remain of the vast forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. Because they grow mostly in poor tropical soil, relying upon a natural cycle between trees and animals for nourishment and replenishment, the forests cannot be replaced. When the trees are felled, soil erosion begins and within a few years, the whole area that was once forest becomes wasteland. We shall have lost for ever the earth's greatest treasure house of plants and animals; perhaps our most valuable resource for the future. And it is happening in areas where poverty already verges upon starvation. It is perhaps the world's most urgent conservation problem. The destruction is happening through ignorance, shortsightedness and ever increasing consumer demand. But it can be stopped if enough of us show enough concern. How you can help. In 1980 WWF and other international conservation bodies published the World Conservation Strategy. It is a program for developing the world's natural resources without destroying them. You can become part of a world movement which will see this plan become reality. Join the World Wildlife Fund now. We need your voice and your financial support. Get in touch with your local WWF office for membership details or send your contribution direct to World Wildlife Fund at the address below. It may be the most important letter you'll ever write. 'the state of suffering and death caused by having no food' is the meaning of ....



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DIRECT VS INDIRECT SPEECH Change the direct speech in each sentence to indirect speech. In changing to indirect speech, apply the rule for sequence of tenses carefully. Notice the use of the verbs say and tell in the examples. Also notice the use of the comma, the period, and quotation marks. 1. "I have written that letter already," my friend said. My friend said (that) he had written that letter already. 2. Carol said to me, "I will ask Mr. Harris about that word." Carol told me (that) she would ask Mr. Harris about that word. 9. "Our entire trip cost us two thousand dollars," Mr. Browni added. Answer: ____



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Fill in the blank with suitable relative pronoun The man ...... works in a bank is my uncle.



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